Your Balloon Man, Mr. Fudge, has been twisting balloons since he was 8 years old! After attending a summer camp and falling in love with the idea of using his creativity to make all kinds of amazing things out of balloons, he went home and started teaching himself about the art. After years of study and hard work, he finally graduated high school and is now off performing all across the globe with his balloons, magic, and comedy.
Head Trainer of a balloon talent agency, he was able to train and work with over 300 balloon artists nationwide for a span of over 5 years. Even at his young age, he has been invited to teach at a number of industry seminars and has even taken a tour of Japan where he performed for the US troops at the Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.
Most recently returning from Shanghai, China, Mr. Fudge is a worldwide traveler and enjoys entertaining anyone young or old.
After becoming an expert in his field, Mr. Fudge has even created many of the very best balloon training DVDs available today. Each teaching hundreds of people how to get their start in twisting, Mr. Fudge has contributed to the spread of balloon art.
Still putting himself through college, Mr. Fudge feels that the field of balloon art is a fantastic way to earn a living, providing him with a much needed income and also the ability to put smiles on the faces of children worldwide.
In his 14 years of ballooning, he has earned titles such as:
-Balloon Olympics Speed Twisting Champion

-Balloon Distractions Head Trainer

-Third Place New Diamond Competition 2006

-TJam on the Road Best of Orlando Through the Door 2007

-First Place Diamond Seeker 2008
Currently Tampa, Florida, Mr. Fudge is enjoying the summer weather and working to spread the joy of balloons throughout the world. If you would like to contact Mr. Fudge, you can do so via phone, email or Skype.


Phone: 813-310-5900

Skype: YourBalloonMan